Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cocoron -- Little Italy

Cocoron opened up a second location not too far from its original shop. J and I have been to the one on Delancey and it's always packed with people. We were hoping that the new location would be different and it was.

We came during lunch and it was pretty empty. The atmosphere was very similar to the Delancey location (barely any a/c) but food and decor was no different than their mother shop.

After looking at the menu which was filled with different sobas, we started with some appetizers. Shuto was J's choice, it was raw tuna liver with cream cheese. Very pungent, it also had that fermented scent and taste to it. Really salty and is definitely an acquired taste so beware!

I chose something on the safer side, Pork and Okara Croquettes were very delicate and delicious. Minced pork and potato mashed together and rolled into a ball to deep fry, really like the sweet and salty dipping sauce that came with it.

I had the Cold Zaru Soba. One of my all time favorites and also the simplest form of soba available. All I need is the soba noodles and the soy dipping sauce and I'm a happy camper. The best part would be the hot broth that's given to you at the end; pour it into the remaining soy dip and voila, you got yourself some soup to wash everything down. I also got a side of kimchi, really good. It's different than the average Korean kimchi because this is a lot sweeter.

J had the Japanese Chicken Style Curry Dip Soba. The dip sobas are usually the fun kind to eat since you get to dip it. He got a poached egg as his side because he loves the runny yolk.

I'm glad Cocoron opened another location because the other one was getting too stuffy and the long wait can get ridiculous at times. The new location at Kenmare is just as good and has a lot less people. At least I get my food quicker.

37 Kenmare St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 966-0800

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