Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Paprika - we wanted to but we didn't know why

It was one of those nights where J and I couldn't possibly decide what to have for dinner. While walking around the East Village, we saw Paprika. Totally forgot why we wanted to come here, we also had no idea it was here all along. So, we just shrugged and went in.

Luckily, they have a table open for us because it looked quite full, plus they asked if we made reservations...errr

Starting off with some bread and olive oil. We literally finished off the olive oil with two slice of bread, that's how crazy we were and how good it was.

J insisted on getting the Beef Carpaccio ($13) which I was fine with. Boy, it tasted the bomb! You really couldn't tell it's beef, raw beef. It had a nice citrus-y flavor to it and the arugula, truffle oil and shaved parmigiano cheese worked so well. I mean, how can you say no to truffle oil?! I need to go back for this.

We also got their Special Cutting Board ($16). I was surprise at how much meat there were for that price, total win. There were also 2 pieces of cheese, I'm really assuming it was mozzarella but it was on the melted side, it tasted creamy and milky...meh I'm not a fan of raw cheese.

Moving onto entrees, I got their special. I really need to stick with my first decision. But the Spinach Fettucine in Pesto sauce w/ cherry tomatoes and brussel sprouts ($16) was too hard to resist. Very clean tasting and healthy, maybe a little dash of salt would've made it a tad bit better.

J stuck with his original dish he saw on the menu, Buckwheat Tagliatelle w/ cabbage, cheese and garlic ($16). His dish was on the heavy side, full of flavor. It's a type of dish where you would want to eat slowly, take a sip of wine and then go back for another bite. There's no way you can wolf this dish down.

Paprika is nice. It's busy but nice. Don't think we'll be heading back but I won't say no if someone invites me...

110 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-6563

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