Monday, April 29, 2013

Mei Li Wah - the best buns that leaves you speechless?

Three weeks ago J and I thought of going to Mei Li Wah for a quick brunch before heading into Jersey for some personal errands. I've had Mei Li Wah's pork buns before they fixed up the place and it was quite good, small but good.

This time, I wanted us to actually sit down and enjoy the food but time didn't exactly permit us. We ordered a bunch of stuff and ended up not finishing a dish...yes, we're back to being greedy again!

I had an Iced Coffee while J had an Iced Coffee & Milk Tea. Something that he likes, he enjoyed it and said they made it quite well. Me, on the other hand thought the coffee was too sweet. I was hoping the ice would water it down a bit but nope, didn't happen...still sweet.

Saw this and had to get it. One of my all time favorites, Fried Cruller wrapped in Rice Noodles. You get that crunchy and soft texture at the same time, not anyone's thing but hey I can eat this all week long.

Ordered a Siew Mai because J haven't had dim sum in a while. It wasn't the greatest, could be hotter also.

The Har Gow was actually pretty good. It didn't look that great at first glance because it looked so white, I mean, aren't shrimp suppose to look a bit pink? But there were mouthfuls of shrimp and the dumpling skin was chewy and tender.

Last but not least, because we were greedy we also gotten the Beef Chow Fun. I actually wanted the soy sauce pan-fried noodles but they don't make it at Mei Li Wah, so I settled for this. We barely ate half and took the rest to go. It wasn't bad, a lot less greasy than other places.

I have to say, if I had the time to just chill and relax, I wouldn't mind staying here longer. The waitress were ok, better than your average Asian middle-age waitresses elsewhere, that's for sure. They take a while to get to you, but they don't have that mean stink-face when they approach you - win.

Mei Li Wah
64 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-7866

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