Friday, March 29, 2013

XO Taste - Everything was good but with a little extra something

J and I like going to the old XO restaurant by Walker Street in Chinatown. But ever since they closed that one down and replaced it with a Popeyes, we haven't really wanted to try the new location. This location replaced a Malaysian restaurant which sucked also because that Malay restaurant was pretty good. Everything was good at their original spots, why must they move?!

So finally, we decided to test out this new location. Out of all days, we came on a day where it was raining/snowing. It was a difficult walk because the sleet keeps blowing in my face, even with my hood on!

I have to say that this new location is definitely bigger. Same layout as the Malay restaurant apparently. We ordered our usual and one thing extra, just because.

The Japanese Style Pan Fried Dumplings ($3.95) were pretty much the same but bigger. J and I actually had a hard time finishing it. Don't know why I always order this, maybe it's the sauce.

We thought to give the Baked Escargot French Style ($8.95) a go. It was a risk because we usually don't order escargots at a Chinese restaurant but it somehow appealed to J so I was like, ok let's do this! It wasn't bad, lacked a little salt but overall quite meaty.

The entree we both usually get at XO will probably never change, although it should. J's Baked Ham & Cheese over Spaghetti Casserole ($6.95) was salty! Even when I had it for takeout it was salty, this was a big no-no and the sauce was too watery. Guess we shall move on from the casserole and J will have to find something else on the menu that will replace this.

I always loved getting udon from XO just because I think it's so much more worth it than getting it at a Japanese restaurant, I mean I get more udon and even meat! Although here, the Udon with Grilled Chicken Cutlet ($6.95) wasn't too bad. At least it was better than the casserole. The broth had a bit too much seaweed taste to it and the more I eat from it, the saltier it gets. What's with the salt here?!

So, the chances of us coming back is 50/50 to like really slim because of the salt. But it does makes me curious to know how their other dishes taste, like the curry stew over rice and cow penis with noodles...

XO Taste
41 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 343-8625

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