Sunday, March 31, 2013

Istanbul Fast Food - A gem in a big bag of rubbish

I never thought I can have really good Turkish food in Brooklyn, but I sure did. I also have another place similar to Istanbul near my house but that'll be for another post.

Istanbul is more of a cafeteria style kind of place. It's not exactly "fast" like it claims to be but it was pretty quick for what we ordered.

Ok, so the Hummus ($5) was a bit bland, could definitely use a bit of salt but it was overall pretty good. The consistency was smooth like baby's food and that bread it came with, was wowza!

J and I also got the Fried Liver Cubes ($8.50) which was pretty perfect. Adding the lemon juice made it that more amazing. It was a big portion and we ended up having to take that to go...
Liver is usually gamey but here, it actually just taste like chicken breast which means I can lie to anyone and have them eat liver while saying it chicken - I actually sorta of did that with the leftovers I brought to work and tricked my coworker.

The Mixed Grill ($19) over rice was a ginormous portion with a lot of meat. Some were mysterious to me but what I can recall, there were beef/steak, lamb, chicken, grounded meat kebabs and those spectacular bread! They gave us three, it was so warm and fluffy I can just use it as a pillow.

They also have the tzatziki sauce, which is the white yogurt sauce along with the hot spicy sauce. No idea if we're eating it wrong but I just dumped both sauces over the rice and meat, it tasted delicious. Really like the hot sauce, it brings out the flavor of the rice and flavors the grilled meats even more.

We left no room for dessert which was a bummer because they had so many on display. I know J wanted the rice pudding, I wanted the baklava...maybe next time, definitely next time.

Istanbul Fast Food
2202 86th St
Brooklyn, NY 11214
(718) 714-4300

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