Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cafe Orlin - Spontaneous decision that was made and done

It was definitely one of those nights where J and I didn't know where to dinner at. We just walked along East Village and was hoping a restaurant would intrigue us enough to go in.

The famous Cafe Orlin that is usually packed during brunch and lunch hours was patron-less for dinner. I called the shot and had us dinner here.

Dimly lighted and tons of open tables, we were told to choose wherever we like to sit. Our waitress was just too cute, she made the mistake of calling a bottle of red white Helen Keller instead of Keller Estate, we busted her chops for the rest of the night.

And yes, we did end up getting the Heller Estate ($32/bottle). A little lighter than a malbec but it still wasn't my favorite. It has that pungent spice to it which really gives you a kick when you eat anything acidic.

Appetizer was Mussels in Garlic and White Wine sauce ($11) in place of the calamari on the menu. We would definitely get that if it wasn't off the menu for the night. But the mussels were great, the broth was delicious. There was chopped tomatoes and onions, the cilantro really pulled it together and made me fall in love with the dish. The toasted bread drizzled with olive oil was amazing with the broth also.

Our entrees didn't take too long to come out. J had the Hanger Steak ($18) with frites and watercress. It was cooked to perfection with the right amount of red in the center, it got some interesting steak sauce over it which was so good. The waiter asked us if we wanted ketchup and hot sauce, J just said yes because he believe there was a reason why he suggested the hot sauce. Truthfully, I've never been to a restaurant that serves hot sauce with steak. Boy, ketchup and hot sauce with steak is the bomb! Quite genius!

I chose a dish from their Today's Special menu which was the Market Cod ($19) with mash potato, asparagus, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Very flavorful dish, the cod could've used a bit more seasoning but all the vegetables were nicely cooked. I wished I had more mushrooms...I'm a mushroom fiend!

Delighted evening. Started to get packed around 8-9pm but emptying out by 9:15...odd. I'd definitely come back for the steak with ketchup and hot sauce.

Cafe Orlin
41 St. Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-1447

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