Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nana Restaurant & Bar - Feeling famish with a climb so high

After a lesson of rock climbing, J, a friend and I were totally starving. For us to be able to continue and climb (since it was a one day pass) we needed food in our stomach. Being not so familiar with the area we were in, we asked a staff member at Brooklyn Boulders as to where all the restaurants were.

We came across Nana and knew it would be perfect. Once you enter, you were greeted by the bartender and to your left is where all the diners are.

We cut to the chase and ordered in no time.

Only J and I ordered drinks, the Nana Mai Tai ($9) was a bit too sweet for me, tasted like sweet syrup more than anything. The Whiskey Ginger ($9) tasted a bit off, kind of weird to my liking. It was like a poorly made mojito with whiskey, if you know what I mean.

The Roti Canai ($3) was small but for its price it wasn't bad. The curry could have been a bit hotter, temperature and spice-wise.

Our entree was delicious, beside the weird dish presentation, it was really good. Ok, maybe we were hungry but it was still good! The Tofu Pad Thai ($9) was quite amazing, had small tofu pieces along with some big fried tofu chunks. The friend's Pad Kra Pao Beef ($10) came with rice, beef was very tender and flavorful as well, had a nice kick to it. As for J's The "kueh" Tweo ($9), it was great also. Had the same kick as the Pad Kra Pai Beef but with noodles. The portions might look small but don't let that fool you, it'll definitely fill you up.

And as if we weren't completely satisfied yet, we ordered dessert.

These 3 were on our list when we were shown the dessert menu. Coconut Flan ($6), Chocolate Souffle ($7) and the Black Sesame Creme Brulee ($6) all looked very appetizing. But the best one was the souffle which wasn't even a souffle, it should be called a lava cake, even though we were disappointed in the name and appearance, the taste was a 2 thumbs up! The flan was plain which didn't stood out and the brulee lacked a lot of black sesame.

So, yes I would come again because the entree was that great and I would love to have that "souffle" again.

Nana Restaurant & Bar
155 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 230-3749

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