Monday, February 18, 2013

Kun Jip - A form of line in which so organized that it's strategic

On a cold winter evening, after some shopping done, I wanted something soup-y. J couldn't agree more. But finding a place in K-Town for some good chijae is quite hard. Since Kun Jip always had a line, we decided to find out what the fuss was about.

We got on line quite quick. The "host" asked us how many people and just told J and I to stay on line. The line moved quickly and once we're inside the restaurant, the line stretches all the way to the back. Halfway through waiting, there's seats for you to sit (and wait) then you're told to head to back and wait some more. The line swings around and forms a J-shape and finally we get called to be seated. But before getting called to be seated, our orders were already taken since the menu was given to you while you were waiting on line.

Once we sat down, in less than 5 minutes, all our food came out. Woohoo!

I find that I truly dislike Chamisul Soju ($?), it has such a strong rubbing alcohol taste. I need something that's easier to go down and not burn.

Our delicious spread. See what I mean when I said everything comes out at once. They were quick though, the staff that is, and they were able to move everything into place. Banchan was great. Forgot to capture the steamed egg, best egg ever!

J had the special of Bibimbob and Soondubu ($16.95), excellent deal for the price. You get rice, delicious rice, and a tofu stew. The bibimbob itself is already around $11 so might as well get this and stuff yourself.

I had the Budae Chijae ($12.95), a bit pricey but so filling! I've always wanted to try this just because it's literally a pot filled with a lot of stuff. There's ramen, glass noodles, spam, hotdog, kimchi, tofu, rice cakes, and pork belly...definitely a load to eat. The chijae sat on top of a burner which kept it steaming hot throughout the entire time I was eating it. This was insanely filling, did I mention I ate it all myself? =]

To end the meal, a complimentary Sujeonggwa was given to us. Oh my god, the best cinnamon drink everrrrrrr. I would come back just for this, or I can have my Korean friends make it for me.
It is made from dried persimmons, cinnamon, ginger and peppercorn; the process is a bit difficult and time consuming but the outcome is so yummy.

A lot of people says that Kun Jip's staffs rushing their patrons but I didn't see that happen at all, nor did I experience it. Throughout the entire meal, we sat and ate normally and we didn't get rushed at all. Heck we even had a little laugh with 2 of the waiters towards the end. 

Excellent meal. I guess to each their own, not everyone will get a pleasant experience and vice versa.

Kun Jip
9 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 216-9487

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