Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jum Mum - Stick with the buns I tell ya, it's the best from the rest

So, feeling for some buns but don't really want to pay a hefty price for it. Baohaus is out since it's almost $4 for a bun, crazy! Jum Mum recently opened around last year and seems to be doing quite well from the reviews.

I knew J would be hungry after his workout so I suggested Jum Mum and we went there to grab a bite.

They have buns for a deal of 3 for $6, which totals out to just $2 per bun, totally worth it!

It was a small place and that's their work station with the steam racks. I wanted to reach over and just take some buns and run.

The girl behind the register was really nice and helpful. She was also very patient with me since I had no idea what to order since they have so many variety to choose from. I ended up getting 4 buns and noodles...and it was suppose to be a snack.

Awww shucks, I just read that poster...should've added my comment/suggestion in the box! Now I feel bummed out. Anyways, I took this photo because of the awesome strange chips/junk food they had up bummed.

Starting with the Bulgogi Bun and Pork Belly Bun; whoaaa...these blew my mind. Both are a must get. I actually love the pork belly the most out of everything. The pork belly was such a big slice and look at that beautiful fat!

The Chicken Cutlet Bun and Fried Duck Bun wasn't so "wow." The chicken was covered with the spicy Japanese mayo and tasted like a chicken sandwich; whereas the fried duck was just very crunchy and oily.

The Street Style Noodles ($5) was one of the reason why I wanted to try Jum Mum in the first place. I thought it would remind J and I of Hong Kong-style rice noodles but nope *shakes head* not even close. The flat noodles were covered in shredded pork and tofu, then a sweetened soy sauce was poured over it. The sauce wasn't really soy but more on the brown sugared-caramelized type kind of thing, if you know what I mean. The dish was a bit on the salty side for me.

I wouldn't get the noodles again but I would totally try their other buns and get the pork belly again. Plus, they got rice...wonder how that would taste.

Jum Mum
5 Saint Mark Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-6745

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