Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hong Kong: Traditional Candy and Coconut Wrap

One of the best thing about HK is the endless street food, I can even get my desserts in the streets. Walking along, J and I saw something that was pretty strange. It wasn't the Dragon Beard candy which instantly got our attention. It was a good thing that there were no lines.

The man with his small stand of yumminess!

I was so amazed at how he makes the 糖葱餅 or Traditional Candy and Coconut Wrap, but if I were to literally translate from Cantonese to English, it would be "Candy Scallion Cookie."

It was really simple. He already has this hollow tubular sugar candy stored somewhere and took it out, place it on the coconut wrap and then put a spoonful or two of shredded coconut, roasted sesame and sugar on top. Roll it up and... voila!

It only cost 6HKD which was less than a dollar here in the states.

It was really crunchy but then chewy at the same time. It wasn't too sweet which got me by surprise. I love how the tubes look!

Halfway through, it got completely squished. One of my favorite odd snacks in HK. So glad we stopped to get this!

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