Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hong Kong: - Tai Hing "Fast Food"

What Hong Kong-ers call fast food is totally different than the states. We usually consider burgers and fries fast food because they're quick, easy, and can be consume on the go. HK's fast food is quick also, the process of ordering and arrival can take less than 5 minutes, pretty close to the wait at McDonald's for a Big Mac. But instead of a messy burger, I can pretty much get a gourmet meal and be seated (and no top required).

These fast food like cafes are really popular in HK, so don't be surprise to see it packed with people. You have to look through the menu quick, they usually have specials that are pretty cheap and includes a drink (score!).

At Tai Hing (太興) J and I ordered the hot and iced Milk Tea (奶茶) because we were curious. And plus, because his uncle said they had the best milk tea...

The Hot Milk Tea was nothing special, though it desperately needed sugar.

Ah...their well-known Iced Milk Tea that is kept in a bowl with ice around it. Clever way to keep the milk tea cold but doesn't dilute the flavor. Because of that, it tasted really strong which I don't like. J on the other hand prefers this much more.

I had this delicious thin rice noodles sauteed with beef, bean sprouts and green onions. Classic dish in HK, aka 干炒牛河. I never usually order it here in NYC just because it looks like the noodles are swimming in oil and there isn't much flavor. But having it in HK is totally different, everything just taste better there. I kid you not.

J's had the 8 Precious Rice (八寶飯), this was a first. I only see 3 in the states, but 8 different kinds of ingredients totally caught our eyes, especially J's. The meal was extremely satisfying and everything was excellent. This is some good fast food, I'd eat this every time someone ask me to go out for fast food.

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