Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hong Kong: Street Bowl

The idea of getting a bowl of food in the streets might be a turn off but it's nothing odd in HK since a lot of food can be eating on the go. Everywhere J and I walked, there were stalls of food being sold. There are always a lot of people around these places since they usually just buy it and stand there to eat, also a great way to digest food and not get fat!

There were so many people that making it through the crowd to get in front of the stall was pretty difficult. I just had J go since he knew what to order anyways. Finding a place to stand was hard too!

Our bowl of pork innards, organs, whatever nasty thing that people don't usually eat. It was braised so a lot of it were very tender and flavorful. This bowl was around 1-2USD which is crazy cheap. I liked the sweet sauce on top but the mustard is just too weird for me. HK-er loves their mustard don't they?

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