Monday, January 7, 2013

Hong Kong: Stinky Tofu

Even though Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐 didn't originate in HK, they do sell them in the streets. I'm glad that I don't actually think they're stinky, they're just aromatic to me. As J and I were walking in the streets, we smelled it from blocks away. But as we got closer, the scent dissipated.

This little spot has other yummy bits also but we just wanted the fried stinky tofu.

They have condiments for you to dress your tofu. You can come back for endless sauces.

Verdict? It was good, could've been great if it was fresher when we got to it. But the sauce was like "girlll oh ma gawdddd" good. Love the spicy kick to it and the fermented aroma. I can totally just inhale this stuff. Stinky tofu is one of those special delicacy that you just have to try at least one, liking it or not can be a totally different story.

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