Monday, January 28, 2013

Dassara Brooklyn Ramen - Disappointment comes with a well worth price

Dassara was on Serious Eats and totally got J and my attention when they featured their infamous Deli Ramen. But I was pretty disappointed...

We got greeted right when we got through the door and got seated right away, no need to wait here. Our waiter was extremely friendly and ended up making one of our dish complimentary because it came late. Excellent service!

I knew J wanted to try the Tendon Tots ($8) because it was something out of the ordinary and the name was quite appealing. The dish contained only 6 pieces of tots, tendon that was deep-fried and paired with a "coke" sauce. It wasn't anything special, crunchy on the outside and gelatinous ont he inside.

This was my favorite dish and also the one that became complimentary, which made it taste even better! This Winter Chicory Salad ($10) had a lot going on in the dish but everything worked so well with each other. I thought the tofu croutons was a genius idea and a pouched egg in a salad, now that's a first.

My Deli Ramen ($15) which wasn't worth the price at all. I would save that $15 and spend it on another Winter Chicory Salad. The ramen was very plain with only 2 thin pieces of pastrami from Mile End, 3 mini matzo balls, a pouched egg, a few bamboo shoots and a ton of scallions. Even though everything was a thumbs down for me, the noodles was very good. Cooked perfectly al-dente, the wavy noodles were the best part.

J's Curried Goat & Bone Marrow Mazeman ($14) was the bomb! So aromatic and delicious. This bowl didn't have much broth which is perfectly fine because it tasted even better like that. This is a must order for Dassara.

So, screw the Deli Ramen and get everything else on the menu. Trust me, you won't regret it. Getting the Deli Ramen will be regretful.

Dassara Brooklyn Ramen
271 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 643-0781

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