Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hong Kong: Wonton Noodles - Part 1

So I told J that what I want to eat most in HK was Wonton Noodles. I've been dreaming of this day ever since I was a kid and knew about HK. I was so pumped about the idea because I just know they make it the right way in HK.

The night I reached HK, we were looking for this noodle spot. J said he thinks the place turns into a hotpot/shabu shabu kind of place at nightfall. And of course, he's right! Dammit! So the next morning, which was more like brunch, we headed back and voila!

Sing Kee (成記) was such a cute place. Felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland with all the plants and books. There was even an open garden in the center of the restaurant. So relaxing and pretty.

They had lunch specials where you get any bowls of noodles and drink for a fix price. Number 17 FTW!

My first true Iced Milk Tea, it was delicious. Very authentic and how all milk tea should be like! Plus, it's a pretty big glass, me like =]

I had the Wonton Noodles, may not looks so great but taste so good for my first bowl. The egg noodles were the best, cooked al-dente with a nice bite to it. Soup was broth-y and chicken-y with msg. Wonton was decent, but I just couldn't forget about the noodles.

I made J order the Braised Cow Tripe and Innards Noodles just because he gave me the "ok." Plus he said whatever I want to try, so thoughtful =D
It wasn't that memorable though. The soup was just mediocre, but the noodles were once again the bombbb.

And how can you go wrong with an order of greens - Yau Choy in Oyster Sauce. Apparently they're called Rapeseed, so odd. I'll be like yes sir, can I please have an order of rapeseed (with emphasis) with some sauce; the look on those waiter's faces will be priceless.

Fulfilling meal that was cheap, less than 10USD total.

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