Friday, December 14, 2012

Hong Kong: Street Skewers

After my trip to Vietnam, I met up with J in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a beautiful country, the food there is even better.

We lived off from street foods when we stayed in HK. They're known for that stuff, literally 10 minutes away there's a place you can grab some food on-the-go. Extremely convenient and addicting also.

It's even better when the place we were staying at is a plaza which means we were surrounded by food stalls at the bottom of our building...dangerous.

One of the first places J took me to (he spent 2 weeks prior to my arrival), claims to have some really good mango slush and skewers.

The Mango Slush was really different, tasted naturally sweet and not the overly loaded with sugar kind. Worked great with our food.

Mmm...Gai Dan Jai aka egg waffles or eggettes. Slightly hollow in the center with a good crunch to it.

Cow's Tongue anyone? The mustard was a bit weird, I would've done perfectly fine with just the sweet sauce and just that. They served this cold, I wish it was hot.

Fish Balls was amazing. We had them make it spicy and boy it was spicy! This is where the slush comes in handy haha

Lastly, Siew Mai or Shumai, we actually had 3 and then I remember to snap a picture. It was really that good. I don't care if it was frozen, it was steamed instead of being microwave and it was fresh. Add some soy sauce and I can eat like 50 of these.

J has been my model for holding foods in HK so you'll be seeing a lot of his tummy, hand, shirt, etc... yea...

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