Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hong Kong: Honey Fishballs

Walking around HK is killer, which is why it's great to have little snacks here and there. We found a small shop within a mall that sells ice cream. Sadly, nothing of the ice cream sort appealed to us so instead we got fishballs!

Honey fishballs to be exact, kind of skeptical of the honey part since I only had plain, fried, savory, salty types.

We also got Vitasoy to go with it, although it probably would've been better with spicy food than sweet food. We couldn't find the smaller carton of Vitasoy but this size will definitely suffice =D

So it looks like a regular fishball but it gives off a bit of sweetness with each bite. So weird yet quite addicting. Pity we didn't go back and get more. Maybe I should just try and squirt honey on my fishballs...

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