Monday, December 17, 2012

Hong Kong: Breakfast for Dinner - Congee

For my first full meal in Hong Kong, J and I decided on porridge. I was being picky and we finally found a decent place to order, sit and eat.

I liked how easy the process was. It's not like your average restaurant where you sit and a waiter/waitress comes and takes your order. You basically order on a separate line, pay for it. Bring your ticket to another line, put your ticket on a tray, slide it down for the staff to see what you order and slowly all the food appears on your tray. Carry your tray of food to a table and enjoy. The best part is when you're done eating, just leave and go. Hahahaa spoiled-ness.

J and I literally just shared this. Might look like there's really little food, but it filled us.

Top left clockwise: Fresh Soy Milk, Soy Sauce Noodles, Fried Cruller wrapped w/ Rice Crepe and Preserved Pork and Thousand Year Old Egg Congee.

Delicious! Loved the fried cruller and rice crepe the most, especially when you dip it in soy sauce. I would eat this breakfast for dinner any day.

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