Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hong Kong: Afternoon Tea-in' @ Dai Pai Dong

One of the best meals I had in Hong Kong was at Stanley, a little town near the waters - beautiful.

This spot was one of those hole in the wall places and thanks to my awesome J, I was able to experience the best Hong Kong Style French Toast in the world - I am so not exaggerating.

This little dai pai dong might be a bit hard to find since the name on the awning is almost completely washed out. 泗益 is the name you must squint and look for when you're in Stanley, HK.

See how faded the name looks?
Or you can try finding the fruit vendor with a faded sign...haha
There was an insane line when we left 泗益. Good thing we went there early and was able to grab a table.

Delicious Iced Milk Tea wherever I go. HK just makes it right and I'm reminiscing every time I write about HK.

This had a long name in Cantonese and took a while to get it right when the waitress barely even pays attention to you. You just have to literally get her attention and then yell out your order - no eye contact involved here. Satay Beef with Egg Sandwich was the bomb! Omg how can a simple sandwich be so divine?! Also, I absolutely love that they cut out the crust xD

Lastly, the infamous HK Style French Toast! Look at that hunk of butter! I have to say, just typing about this makes me so darn excited. It tasted so fluffy and awesome, no need for syrup here. J and I ordered another one towards the end. The greedy part of us definitely took over and we were so stuffed! The wait for these sucker takes a while, probably 10-15 minutes but it will be the best 5 minutes of your life when you devour it!

I really need to go back to HK just for this. I'll take the long treacherous bus ride from Central, HK if I have to. If only I can have this every week...

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  1. I love these street eats. Remembered the time I had that french toast. I was so stuffed for the next 24 hours. Happy New Year!