Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vietnam: Sugar Cane Juice

I love sugar cane for the longest time, especially when I can have a whole cup to myself.

Finding a place to whip up some sugar cane juice in Vietnam wasn't easy, good thing my mom had a family friend that took us around and I specifically asked if there was any sugar cane drinks around. The friend found us a vendor in no time.

Why is Vietnam so friggin hot?!
I was even more depress when I couldn't have ice with mine because mom is afraid of the bacteria lingering in the ice aka water.

That's ok because you know, I really really really enjoyed it a lot. I love sugar cane juice, especially when it's from the village my parents once lived in.

Sugar cane has a distinct taste, it's not just sugar-y liquid. The one I had was a bit on the thicker side, not too thick where it's like a milkshake but it's definitely not water-y either. Personally, sugar cane juice with the color above suits to be a good sugar cane drink.

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