Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vietnam: Hu Tieu Sate

The hardest thing I find going on a trip is to literally pinpoint where I ate at. I was a lot less prepare since it was with family and I get carried away with conversations and just enjoying my time there. So a lot of Vietnam's post will have no address...

My cousin took my parents and I out for dinner, a place where my parents use to ate at when they were dating...haha

The signs were utterly bright!
I regret not sitting inside because that night I got bitten my mosquitoes pretty badly.

They're known for their Hu Tieu Sate, with a thick and rich sauce with tender pieces of beef along with tons of herbs. A lot different that what we have here in the states, definitely a lot more authentic. It's hard to say what's in the delicious sauce because each area makes it differently. Usually you have that peanut taste in it (that's what they do here in the states) but not at this specific restaurant in Vietnam.

The bowl was a bit on the sweet side and if only they dilute it a bit then it would've been perfect.

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