Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vietnam: Fruits

The one thing that stood out most was the different kinds of fruits I saw in Vietnam. Some I've never seen in my life and when I asked how do I eat it, I get teased for it. All the fruits were fresh and picked on the day of, there's no refrigeration therefore you don't have to worry about it being rotten or a even a day old.

These are Langsat, Bon Bon for Vietnamese speakers. The name is funny and it looks just like Logan from the outside.

And the inside looks like it also, but it sort of "precut" for whatever reason I have no clue. The smaller the fruit, the better because then you won't have to deal with the bitter seed in the center. This is one of the fruits where bigger isn't better unless you like spitting seeds out.

The taste is quite similar to logan and lychee but with a softer texture.

One of my cousins went out and got us fresh Jackfruit, Mit. Usually the person in the street that sells the jackfruit would peel the fruit out of the vines that intertwines it but my cousin was impatient and he wanted it fresh fresh and also wanted me to see how it looks as is.

Jackfruit is one of those strong aromatic fruits, usually on the sweet side. You can find these in a can in your supermarket swimming in sugared juices. The real thing is definitely a lot better, so clean-teasting!

Another crazy looking fruit. A cross between a pear and an apple. Known as Waterapple, Man. My least favorite of them all, also has a lot of other different names like rose apple, mountain apple, cloud apple and the list goes on. It's actually a berry which is even weirder than I thought. The waterapple gives you a tangy, pucker-up kind of taste which I don't like. For a fruit that's called waterapple, there isn't much water in it.

We have Mangosteen, Mang Cut in the states but it's always so expensive. I can have tons of this without feeling the guilt in my wallet. The outer shell, as you can see, is pretty thick so you gotta somehow push and crush the fruit gently so you can get to the center without a knife. If you do have a knife on hand, then go ahead and cut the sucker up. The white flesh is soft and silky.

Last but not least, the Sweet Sop, Mang Cau was ridiculously ugly. I had this when I went to Canada because they carried some of Vietnam fruits. It was a lot smaller in Canada so when I saw this, it took my by surprise. The exterior shell needed to be peeled off one by one, hideous! The inside, as shown above, looks pillowy soft. The taste - creamy and rich in flavor. Each bite yields about 2-3 seeds which is annoying but not as annoying as watermelons! Because the flavor is so rich, one fruit is good enough for me until I need to reach for some water.

Some of the fruits were a revisit while others I've tried for the first time. I'm sure there was a lot more other fruits but that's all I can digest for now.

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  1. Thanks for sharing and showing both English and Vietnamese names of the fruits as well as what they look like on the inside.