Monday, November 26, 2012

Brunchin' @ Brooklyn Farmacy

J took me here around noon on a Saturday. Surprisingly there was no wait or line and the place wasn't even packed. Brooklyn Farmacy reminded me of a place we went to in the city a couple of years back but it closed down because of management purposes.

Brooklyn Farmacy is like a soda/ice cream shop, it's great for kids and even better for adults. Now you can indulge in sweets without having to go to those kiddies ice cream shops. We sat by the counter and ordered brunch since we haven't eaten yet. Although everyone else around us was ordering sundaes and coffee...

They say to have the best egg cream and I was skeptical about it. I mean, I don't really like egg cream much until now...dammit. The Vanilla Egg Cream which came with my brunch combo was so good. Vanilla-y with a hint of carbonated soda, I think I might be addicted now. J ordered a Coffee Soda ($3) which I thought tasted like liquor.

Pumpkin Soup which also came with my brunch. It was a bit on the sweet side which I didn't really enjoy.

My delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11 - combo) came with some marinara dip. So good! This meal makes me feel like a kid. J and I were both thinking if only the soup was tomato soup, then we could dip the sandwich into the soup...yummm.

J's 513 ($7) was pretty tasty and healthy also. It was eggs, cheddar cheese and greens. Gosh, I haven't had something so healthy tasting in a long time and I was quite surprise that he chose this after he pointed out a plate of sausages being served...hahaha

Overall, I would love to come back and also bring my neice and nephew since I know they would love the ice creams and sodas. In a way, it's a kid's heaven here. With the staff being chipper and nice, there's no reason not to come.

Brooklyn Farmacy
513 Henry St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 522-6260

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