Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ramen Takumi

J and I walked past this place on the same day we had Rai Rai Ken, but because it was packed we ended up going to RRK instead - which ended in a big disappointment.

This time around, I wanted to come here because it was late, cold and I was hungry (and you know how fast ramen can be served up). I felt a blast of warm air hit me as I opened the door and as I sit longer, it started to get really hot. The waiter asked us if we like to take the seats by the bar and of course we said yes. J and I have no problem sitting anywhere, as long as the waiters don't forget us and we get to be served.

I ordered the Syo-yu Ramen, J got the Curry Ramen and we both shared a plate of Gyoza since it's been a long time.

The Gyoza ($5) was mediocre, there wasn't enough meat in the filling. Although the sauce that accompanied it was really good, not too salty which means I can take the whole piece of dumpling and drown it in there. I learned that don't eat your gyoza right away when they serve it, wait for 5-10 minutes for a guarantee crunch, if it don't crunch then you found yourself a bad gyoza place.

I really liked J's Curry Ramen ($11.50). The bowl was so aromatic with curry flavor. Extremely flavorful without the crazy spicy taste to it. Straight noodles was being used in the bowl of heaven.

I stuck to a simple Syo-yu Ramen ($10.95) because I really needed to wash away that icky memory of RRK's horrible experience of a ramen. Thankfully, even though it wasn't 100% great, it was still a lot better than RRK.

They used the wavy noodles which I find to be a bit odd but other than that, the noodles were delicious. Perfectly cooked with that al-dente bite to it. The pork meat was good also, nice seasoning with the right amount of fat circling it.

I still prefer their Curry Ramen over anything because it's that dam good, probably one of the best curry ramen I've ever had. Now if only they put the wavy noodles in the curry bowl...*drools*

Ramen Takumi
90 University Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 229-2752

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