Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pio Pio

After much deliberation and an hour of decision, we initially wanted to stop by a Thai place for dinner. But because Pio Pio was literally next door to our favorite Thai place, J made the final decision and Pio Pio it was.

Surprisingly "empty" on a Friday night, it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. Pio Pio serve Peruvian food, specifically their Peruvian chicken. That's basically what the restaurant is known for and if you're a vegetarian, don't even bother to read on.

There were options on the menu where they already had a set meal which included the chicken and sides. J and I on the other hand chose to mix and match our own meals and ended up paying a bit less than the set priced meal.

I was shocked at how quick the food came out. The Peruvian Chicken ($16) was so delicious and tender. It was seasoned perfectly and roasted to perfection. I would come back just for the chicken, this is what I call a good roast chicken.

We also had Salchipapa ($5) which was just basically fried hotdog and yuca fries. I mean, I think it was hotdogs because it definitely tasted like it. Whatever kind of sausage it was, it was pretty good, oily good.

A side of Saffron Rice ($4) to go along with the entire meal. The rice was ok, there were parts that were a bit hard. I wished it was a bit more softer and fluffier but the saffron made it really fragrantful.

Last but not least, we had their Mixto Ceviche ($16) for appetizer but it came out with everything else. The seafood was like swimming in vinegar which can get really sour and tart. There were calamari, octopus, shrimp, fish, and some vegetables in there. I really liked the calamari the best because it didn't soak up too much of the vinegar sauce, all the seafood tasted fresh and had a nice "bite" to it like seafood should have when cooked just right.

Pio Pio is one of the places I would recommend to go at least once because their chicken is something worth trying. They also have lunch deals which is great for a solo meal if you don't want to come here for dinner and fork out the $16 for a whole chicken. Whatever the case might be, it's still a must try.

Pio Pio
210 E 34th St
New York, NY 10016
(212) 481-0034

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