Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lunchin' @ Sophie's Cuban Cuisine - Cod Fish Stew

As you can see, I've been to Sophie's quite often lately (which can also explain the weight gain I'm seeing - not good!) because it's literally across from my building. The convenience of its location made it a lot easier and also more tempting to go there. They also have different dishes each day from Monday through Friday to spice up your taste buds.

I saw they had Cod Fish Stew on Friday and knew I had to try it. I love cod, it's one of the fishes that I can eat every day. When it's cooked just right, the meat of the fish would just flake off and it's of a milky white color.

At Sophie's, you get 2 sides with their meals. I refuse to ever order beans with it because I despise beans. Rather, I've gotten my Cod Fish Stew with Yellow Rice and Salad ($9.00).

Yes, it's pretty pricey for lunch but the portions are huge and can easily be two meal. I was so greedy and fat that I wanted it all in one sitting.

I was afraid the salad would be too soft because they might've left it in the fridge for a couple of days and that the dressing was too watered down. Boy was I wrong. The lettuce was still fresh and crunchy, same goes for the cucumber and tomato. The dressing was a strong vinaigrette which was very appetizing.

Onto my beloved stew. I have to say that Sophie's make really good stew, any kind of stew for that matter. I always get rice with it because I love the way the sauce seeps around the rice and covers it in every way. So dam good.

There was a lot of cod fish pieces which I appreciate. Stewed with onions and bell peppers, the taste was so aromatic. The fish was a bit tough but it's because it had been stewed for so long. Fish doesn't get softer when you stew it for a long time, meat does. The meal was still delicious and I would definitely get it again.

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine
Lower Atrium
805 3rd Ave

New York, NY 10022
(212) 308-1024

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