Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lunchin' @ Pho Hoai Restaurant

Came here with my mum on Labor Day for a quick lunch and then some grocery shopping. My mum comes here all the time but I don't frequent here often. The last time was probably some time last year...

Whenever I go with my mum to a Vietnamese restaurant, we usually order the same thing. I definitely didn't mind because it's actually pretty good and close to what we make at home.

I've been on a coffee binge lately. Gosh, I love some good coffee especially if it's Vietnamese Coffee ($2.75) with some kick-ass sweetened condensed milk. I remember when I was a kid and see my dad order Viet coffee, it would always come in those drip filters, brings back memories.

I love how I get to mix the cup of coffee with the condensed milk and slowly watch the color change to milk chocolate. Iced coffee is the bomb in the summer!

Mum ordered the Sour Soup w/ Salmon ($10.95) which came with rice on the side. We usually make this at home because it's a really simple Viet soup. There's a lot of ingredients within the soup and you can use the straight up fish sauce as dip. So good!

Vietnamese Sour Soup consist of anything from celery, pineapple, bean sprouts, okra, tomato, and bac ha (some type of Viet vegetable which I can't find the English correspondence to). The base of the soup is tamarind. Deliciousness!

I ordered an extra Crispy Squid in Garlic Sauce ($10.95) because for some reason I really like how they make this at the Viet restaurants. Caramelized onions on top of the squid with a bed of lettuce and pickled carrots and daikon on the bottom. A great sidedish when you're having rice.

Any meal with my mum is good. So, I definitely will be back. Plus service was quick and pronto.

Pho Hoai Restaurant
1906 Ave U
Brooklyn, NY 11229
(718) 616-1233

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