Saturday, September 8, 2012


Kasadela was definitely quite a walk for J and I. He wanted to take me here because he heard that their wings are pretty good.

When we got there, the place was pretty empty. Afterall, it was a Wednesday evening in the middle of practically nowhere. I wanted a glass of Lychee Sake but they were out, bummer. Instead I decided on something else and started ordering our food for the night.

The interior looked small but it can definitely fit a lot of people. On the other side was the bar and the bathroom. The restaurant is suppose to be Japanese based but the atmosphere doesn't give me that feeling. Felt more like a southern Asia place, like Thai or Cambodia or even the Philippines.

Ordered the Yuzu Chu Hai ($4.00) because it was still Happy Hour. Tasted really fruity with the slightest alcohol. Wasn't really impress with the drink cause it tasted like Japanese soda.

I saw Agedashi Tofu ($6.50) on the menu and suddenly felt a craving taking over. The tofu was nicely fried and the dashi soy was seasoned well. A great dish to start the meal with and also very refreshing.

Ah...the infamous wings which they are known for. The Tebasaki Wings ($10 - Happy Hour w/ drink) was really different. Fried and then covered in a teriyaki/soy sauce glaze and some freshly ground black pepper on top. Very flavorful. But I do find that with our second order, the pieces of chicken were getting a bit dryer and harder, probably been in the fryer too long.

The Salmon Tartar ($10.00) was a great disappointment. Definitely not worth the price that it was at because the chips were getting stale and the tartar was lacking in flavor. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing special. I just tasted mayo and wasabi which is such a weak combination when it comes to making tartar.

I swear, the night has been a roller coaster ride with these dishes. Takoyaki ($8.50) was up next and surprisingly, it was really good. Perfectly cooked with the perfect amount of sauce. I think I might just like this more because they don't have that extra mayo on top.

Last but not least, an order of Grilled Squid ($10.00) to munch on with our Sake Sangria ($4.25). The squid didn't have any seasoning on it whatsoever, no salt no pepper. But, I like that because the freshness of the seafood came out. It was boiled and then placed on the grilled for the nice charred appearance and aroma. Very meaty as well.

So, the experience was just on the so-so side until the bill came. We got charge an extra $7 for something we didn't order. I personally didn't remember too well so asked the waitress to explain to us and even clarify it. Apparently they admit that they made a mistake and offered to pay us back the $7 in cash since they "apparently" can't void the previous transaction.

Besides that incident. Kasadela has 20% for students from Monday through Wednesday. I admit that it was our fault for not showing them our student ID before they printed out the bill but first of all a) why did you need to see both our IDs and b) you couldn't void the previous transaction and make a new one. It was funny because the waitress said we both have to be NYS resident in order to get the 20% off and when I whipped mine out, she says she can't run the bill again. Really? The service was really unacceptable and I don't know if I would want to come back again. Food was just mediocre and the service wasn't so great.

A good one-time only visit but do be careful of your bill towards the end for some "extra miscellaneous" charges.

647 E 11th St
New York, NY 10009
(212) 777-1582

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