Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dinner For One @ Joy Curry & Tandorri

It's one of those nights again where I have to stay late at work. The only good thing that comes out of that is the free dinner that I get. Tonight is Indian night and I haven't had Indian food in a long time, makes me realize how much I missed it.

I got a platter because it was the cheapest (not like it matter since the company is paying) and I can get 2 sides with it. It'll also be easier to spot in the kitchen since I know it'll probably be like World War II in there when food arrives.

It was indeed easy to spot. I was also grateful for the fact that they wrong on the cover what was what. I had gotten the Joy Platter ($7.95), I chose the chicken korma and sauteed okra, I love me some okra. It also came with naan and some sort of chutney. The naan were all packed together so I just took 2 sufficient pieces.

There was the plain ones and the garlic ones. The garlic naans were extremely pungent. Omg if there was ever a vampire, I would sooo turn it off. The naan were ok, until it started to get hard...but it was good when it was still warm, tasted great with the chicken korma.

Looked so beautiful. I was looking forward to the basmati rice. Having the usual jasmine rice at home all the time can be boring, so when given the chance to eat other types of rices, I'm so thrilled.

Chicken korma, it was a safe bet for me because I had this before and the description was something along the lines of cream sauce which means it wouldn't be too spicy because the cream usually balances that out. There were a lot of chunky tender chicken pieces.

I love okra. I got introduced to this when I first had my Sour Soup that my mum makes and I loved it. Then I had it had a Malaysian restaurant where they sauteed it with shrimp paste, delicious! So, here's the chance where I can try the Indian version. They sauteed it with tomatoes and spices. It was great, so glad that it wasn't mushy. Definitely had a little spicy kick to it.

I couldn't finish this that night so it was my lunch the next day. Because I couldn't put the tin container in the microwave, I placed everything on a plate. I was curious and started mixing all three things together and it was the best thing I've ever had. All the flavors combined and formed a really fragrant aroma and was so appetizing. I will totally get this combo again just so I can do that.

Joy Curry & Tandorri
148 E 46th St
New York, NY 10017
(212) 490-1277

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