Thursday, August 16, 2012


J and I came in for a quick bite. I never knew they actually had a storefront, probably opened sometime recently? My initial reaction was - this place is quite small but little did I know that there was a second floor with all the seatings.

Their menu is pretty straight forward, you choose anything from a burrito to tacos to sliders (there's more) and then choose your type of meat. They also have sides and drinks. The wait wasn't that long and there were much people there on a Friday evening.

Our food was put together in no time and we started to head up the stairs. That flight up took forever because it was so narrow and steep. Good thing I wasn't the one holding the tray of food because there would probably be a high chance of me spilling everything. The second floor is extremely room-y, lots of seats and there's even pillows for you to use if you want to sleep after you ate (joking!).

I decided on Pulled Pork Tacos ($9.25) since I didn't want anything heavy. I didn't realize that they come in triplets. Just looking at it makes me full. One thing though, the pulled pork taste like pho! Oh my god, it was like eating my favorite bowl of beef noodle soup. It was insane and it made me like it that much more. The pickled red onions were a great addition to the tacos because it gave it a nice crunch and wasn't too overly sour. You also had a choice better soft or hard shell but I chose soft since it's a lot less messier and easier to mold to fit my mouth.

J had the BBQ Brisket Sliders ($9.95), and of course we shared. I was surprised at how much they pack into that small bun. The brisket was a bit on the dry side for me, if only they had more BBQ sauce handy on the side. The slaw was good, I always like a contrast in texture when it comes to sandwich-looking kind of things.

Last but not least, the Green Chili Mac and Cheese ($2.95) was ordered because we were afraid the tacos and sliders wouldn't fill us up. We gotten the small and was so glad we did. The mac and cheese was really thick, packed a nice little kick to it with each bite. I probably wouldn't order it again since it tasted a bit weird to me as a whole.

For beverages, I had the Arnold Palmer and J had the Juarito bottle drink in grapefruit. Mine tasted bland while J's tasted good. Damn, the usual happened... he wins in the beverage ordering department also!

Will we return? Maybe? If we're in the neighborhood and we really want mexican food but other than that I doubt we're going to purposedly trek to Mexicue.

345 7th Ave
New York, NY 10001
(212) 244-0002

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