Friday, August 24, 2012

Menkui Tei

J and I came here often before for their great appetizer platter but it's been over a year since we ever step foot back in here. We needed something to eat and I was really feeling for some noodles. Knowing that Menkui Tei had a big selection of different ramen and hoping they would have the platter we want, we decided to eat here.

They weren't crazy busy since it was a Tuesday night. We sat in the front with a wobbly table, they seriously need to fix that. The waitress was too nice, she keeps saying thank you after every sentence. I have something against really nice and extremely friendly staff, awkward. I mean, I appreciate it but there are times when too much is really too much. But it's ok, she actually knew when to stop.

J saw the little menu on the table and ordered a Peach Flavored Beer. I'm the one who usually looks at those little menus but he beat me this time and ordered without me. I took a quick glance and saw the Yuzu Flavored Beer and I knew I must get it. I love yuzu! The beers were fantastic. If you don't like regular beer, this will probably make you think otherwise. The flavors brightened up the beer a lot and made it easier to drink, it tasted fruity and summery.

So, they didnt' have our platter *throws a tantrum* It's actually not the first time this happened because the last time we were here they said they were out of one of the ingredients in the platter. But this time, we couldn't get any of it. Oh well, I ordered the Nira Reba instead which was chicken liver and leeks. Was a bit iffy about the chicken liver but ordered it anyways and to my surprise, it wasn't as irony or gamey. Quite a really good dish.

J was torned between the Tan Tan Ramen or the Mabo Ramen, he decided on the latter because it came with tofu. Really delicious broth/sauce and the tofu was really silky smooth. Also had a nice kick to it because it was spicy, delicious!

I ordered the Sutamina Ramen because I saw it was spicy. I wanted something spicy ever since the last time I had Totto Ramen. This totally hit the spot because it wasn't just spicy oil, there were little chili peppers infused into the broth. I really enjoyed this bowl, the thinly sliced pork and leeks with the pouched egg added a great touch.

Photo fail!
It was suppose to capture and focus on the noodles, not the meat! Guess my camera was as hungry as I was. They used the wavy noodles for this and there was a nice "bite" to it.

We gotten so full after this. Usually we would be fine and just right but lately I think our stomach shrank. Not a good thing since we'll be going on a trip soon. Stay tune for that and all the awesome food adventures.

Menkui Tei
63 Cooper Sq
New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-4152

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