Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lunchin' @ Sophie's Cuban Cuisine - Fried Pork Sandwich

So I hate thinking about what to get for lunch when noon reaches. I don't like being so indecisive while having so many options around me. I don't like how there's nothing around me that appeals to me half the time which sometimes makes me go back to eating the same thing. And I don't like spending a fortune for lunch just for myself. Yup, I'm a little cheap-y when it comes to getting food for myself.

After much contemplation, I decided on Sophie's. Although I wanted their cod fish stew, I'll just stick to a sandwich since it wasn't a Friday. I've read somewhere that the Fried Pork Sandwich is really good, and with the description the person gave, I know I must have it.

I went a bit after the rush hour of lunch so there was no one on line, success!
I told the lady behind the counter I wanted a Fried Pork Sandwich ($6.95), she got to work right away. Seeing her prepare my sandwich was like heaven. Seeing her stack the pork (which didn't look fried to me!), then the plantains (that's the surprise), then onions and then she squirted mayo and this green sauce (which I assume it was hot sauce). I was already salivating.

I was staring at the pork thinking that it would be dry cause it looked dry. But the second I bit down, it was so tender that it nearly fell apart. I was impressed. I also love how the sweet plantains gave the entire sandwich a nice twist in flavor. The onions were amazingly good, lightly pickled with cilantro to enhance the flavor. A really good sandwich.

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine
Lower Atrium
805 3rd Ave

New York, NY 10022
(212) 308-1024

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  1. i actually tried to go to the one on 23rd last night after seeing this, sadly they closed at 8pm which i thought was pretty early but still a must try eventually lol