Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Chang Dong Soon Tofu

Finally, the boyfriend can get his tofu fix. I've been wanting jigae for a while and J has been wanting tofu stew, it worked out.

J heard that BCDS Tofu was good and not just from one person but from multiple people like his coworkers and friends. We came on a Sunday, after a tiring work day for me, good thing J drove.

Got seated immediately and were given water and menu. They don't play. The place was really spacious with a literal runway down the center where the waitresses and waiters can strut their stuff while serving us.

Mmmm the delicious banchan. I'm starting to appreciate Korean's banchan a lot more now. Even though majority, actually it's everything, are vegetables they taste pretty darn good. The usual kimchi will always be there and if you're lucky, you'll get tofu which I personally love.

Ordered a bottle of Bokbunja ($13), black raspberry wine. Shhhh...I know J is driving but a little won't hurt. Plus our tolerance isn't like the average Asian's - if ya know what I mean.

I sort of wanted a meat dish, like kalbi or bulgogi but J brought up Seafood Pancake ($13) so I just nod in agreement and didn't pursue my meat quest. It was good. Thin but still dough-y and even had clam meats, yum! Slightly crunchy on the outside which wasn't so disappointing. I mean, I fairly enjoyed it.

My delicious Mandoo Soon Du Bu ($9.95) with rice. Oh the fluffy rice was good, too bad I couldn't finish it. I had 3 ginormous mandoo in my little pot. I chose spicy as so did J, you have a choice of 4 different levels of spice in your broth - mild, medium, spicy, very spicy.

Besides the mandoo, there are pieces of meat at the bottom and the ever so silky smooth tofu. It was a great soup. I would come back in a heartbeat in the winter weathers.

Remember the eggs you saw in the photo with the banchans? You crack them in the soon du bu! I was so excited to do this part because it was actually quite fun and amusing to me. As to my failure, the yolk broke...

J had the Seafood Soob Du Bu ($9.95) which I was surprised with. I thought he would choose something bolder but seafood? That's usually what I choose, then again I think I stole his choice of the mando...bwahahahaaa

The meal was excellent. I haven't been this satisfied and full in a while. Definitely a spot to come for some good tofu stew.

Book Chang Dong Soon Tofu
152-22 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 961-2001

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