Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mr. Robata

J and I decided to hit up Mr. Robata for their happy hour which starts at 4pm and that's exactly the time we got there. Made reservation last minute but wasn't needed since when we arrive, we were the only ones dining there for a good 2 hours before people starting walking through the doors.

The service was excellent as the waitress talked to us about the food and suggested which cocktails to get. She even got personal about what she thought of Brooklyn.

J and I tried not to order too much food as our objective was to enjoy ourselves with the drinks.

For the cocktails, we almost tried everything except for 2 since it didn't appeal to us as much.

Touch of Heaven.

Nashi Spice.


Yamamomo Fizz.


Yuzu Martini.
My absolute favorite.


 I am so upset that I don't remember what this is called. It was pretty good. Not remember is really bugging me...

Black Dahlia.
The special cocktail of the night that is off the menu.

Now it seems like J and I are an alcoholic couple, but we're not! We just like to drink :-)

Spicy Tuna Escargot.

Once again, escargot is in the title of the dish so you know what that means. All the different textures and taste were a bit weird, but a good kind of weird.

We then ordered sushi a la carte. Even though it's more expensive this way, we decide that there were certain sushi on the menu we rather try than the given omakase special.



King Crab.




I have the say that out of the bunch, my favorite were the king crab and yellowtail. Which we ended up getting a second order of. I'm starting to appreciate sushi given that they gave the entire piece of sushi a little twist. It's no longer just a plain piece of fish on top of rice and then dip into soy sauce, but the other flavors that is incorporated into the sushi.

The two rolls which I did not take a close up on are the Misty (on the right side) and Stardust (on the left side).

As the night progresses and even though we finished our sushi, we needed more food to go along with our cocktails.

Grilled Baby Octopus.
Absolutely delicious. The waitress definitely didn't recommend the wrong items. Not as chewy as it seems, the octopus was boiled and then grilled giving it that soft light chewy texture with a great smokey grill scent. The infused mash potato with butter on the bottom was awesome also. Love the presentation and flowers.

Saikyo Miso Chilean Sea Bass.
Another dish our waitress recommended. Light and creamy, so good.

The only issue I have is that the bathroom is dark. I can't even see myself when I look into the mirror, I mean you won't trip and fall but at least put a light bulb around the mirror. Other than that, great food and definitely great drinks. Towards the end of the night, the maitre'd came over and asked if we drove or not, how caring. Would love to come back for their cocktails during happy hour.

Mr. Robata
1674 Broadway
Manhattan, NY 10019
(212) 757-1030

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