Monday, July 30, 2012


Cute containers with mac and cheese, yes please!

I've grown to really like mac and cheese thanks to J. The last time I had mac and cheese at a specialized shop, I was really impressed and really liked it. That's why when we found out about Macbar, we were pretty excited.

I came to order take-out, probably not the smartest thing to do but mac and cheese is one of the type of food that should taste great even when it's cold, or if it's too cold we can pop it in the oven.

I placed my order of 2 medium size mac and cheese because with the medium or large size, they put it in this macaroni shaped tupperware, how awesome is that?! The wait took about 15 minutes which I suppose was a decent time since they had to cook my mac and cheese in the oven...

A ginormous macaroni tupperware. It was extremely yellow...
Bad thing is that the container doesn't close correctly therefore it's considered useless...

It also came with these funky yellow utensils. Pretty cute. Once you snap them apart, you can't put them back together like they use to...this is getting lame.

J asked me to get him the Mac 'Shroom and I did! Doesn't it look delicious? It might also taste a lot better if we had it on the spot. I liked how there were chunks of mushrooms but wished there were more cheese.

My Mac Lobsta' was a real disappointment, I mean I know not to expect a lot of lobster but still, I paid a good amount of money for this so I should at least get more than 5 mini pieces of lobster! Again, this lack cheese. I see a lot of cheese on top but like none inside where it belongs.

The medium size is quite small which I feel like I'm getting ripped off here. Most likely not returning since neither of the mac and cheese wow-ed me and these two were supposedly their best...

54 Prince St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 226-8877

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