Sunday, July 29, 2012

Flea Market Cafe

J and I went to Flea Market Cafe when we were on the wine binge. We still love wine now but we sort of mellow out of the phase. I found the Flea Market Cafe somewhere on the web, besides the interesting name, they have cheap escargot.

Their menu was straight forward and sounded really appetizing. We ordered a lot of appetizers to go with our wine. Loved that we sat near the front of the restaurant where we felt a nice breeze since they had their windows down.

Decided on a bottle of rose wine. Clean and fresh.

We love escargot and these Oven-baked Snails in garlic and butter were pretty decent. Definitely cheap, only $7.50 but it definitely was missing something. Maybe it's the salt? Maybe some extra butter? Some more garlic? But for its price, it's a steal.

I saw this on the menu and wasn't too sure if we should've gotten it but J made the final decision and placed the order. The Goat Cheese Tartine was delicious. Nicely toasted with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives and honey drizzle. This amazing combo went perfectly well with the wine.

So, I really didn't want this Cheese Plate but J was so persistent about it so I just gave up and let him order it. I really don't like cheese, especially uncooked cheese but I am slowly giving them a shot. Currently, I really like mozzarella...progress! These were way too creamy and cheesy, I just couldn't do it! J ended up eating all of it, which he should've expected.

I wanted the Saucisson and Cornichons because it had the gerkins. I absolutely love gerkins and pickles now, something I never thought I would like until J introduced me to them. The cured french sausage were great munchy food. If I had just this and wine, I would be in such a happy place.

Beautifully presented entree, I was so happy when I saw it because I ordered something so dam pretty and good-looking. This usually happens with J's dish but this time, I ordered the better dish (you have no idea how happy this makes me). The Sauteed Codfish Filet over chive risotto and lobster sauce was perfect. Cod is my favorite when it comes to fish and the risotto was so dam good. This is also my first time having risotto and it blew me away. All the flavors worked so well, I would have this entree again in a heartbeat.

J's ordered the Moules Provencale which had tomato and parsley. The mussels were really tiny which was a big disappointment.

Fries came with the mussels which weren't bad. I would rather have better mussels and lose the fries, but that's just me.

Overall, I really like Flea Market Cafe and I can't wait to return. The ambiance is relaxing and really laid back. You can prob sit there for hours with a glass of wine and no one will bother you.

Flea Market Cafe
131 Ave A
New York, NY 10009
(212) 358-9280

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