Friday, June 22, 2012

Talent Thai Kitchen

A not-so-quick bite before J had class. I was feeling for Thai since it's been quite a while and you know, gret minds think alike because J felt the same. We didn't want to try anything new new, so we decided to come back to Talent Thai. A place we been to before and couldn't forget because the ambience and food was memorable. The last time we were here I had a voucher and sometimes, I'm pretty glad that I made myself get them because without that, I wouldn't know there's a place like Talent Thai in midtown manhattan.

As usual, we were the first to be seated. Same thing happened the last time we were here, after we got seated and our orders were taken, people starting rolling in. Another reason that got me coming back is the music that Talent Thai played, very mellow and r&b which I didn't mind and J liked. Brings back memories since a lot of them were in the 90s.

Front of the restaurant.

Back of the restuarant.
We were pretty much situated in the middle.

Nothing better to start ourselves off with some wine. If you read my previous adventures, J and I are on the wine wagon now.

We ordered a bottle since last time we kept ordering glasses of the same thing. It saves us money and we don't have to keep telling the waitress to refill.

Peanut Dumplings.
Anything peanut and J would order it, it's like he got a peanut fetish...I was quite surprised that I liked it also. Crushed peanuts with onions and turnips was pretty delicious. The white wrap was perfect, slightly chewy but not to the point where it starts sticking to your teeth.

Fried Calamari.
I initially didn't want this but they didn't have mussels. To settle, I agree with the waitress and ordered calamari. I usually don't order this dish often because there's so much on the menu that would be interesting to try. But, I didn't regret ordering this. It was crispy and the calamri was tender, the spicy chili sauce was also spicy which is great.

Pad See Euw.
I wanted noodles but I didn't want Pad Thai, nor did I want anything spicy so I end up getting regular broad noodles in sweet soy sauce. It was delicious, even though it wasn't spicy it was hot because of the black pepper. For some odd reason, I really like vegetables and tofu with Thai noodle dishes. The vegetables and tofu are coated nicely with the sauce, maybe that's why.

Massaman Curry.
One of the milder curry on the menu. J loves his vegetarian duck.

I took too long to take the shot so my lense got fogged up. Dreamy much?

Sticky Rice.
I was curious as how they did the sticky rice here so I made J ordered it. He agreed since it'll be regular Jasmine rice or this. We eat Jasmine rice all the time at home so sticky rice it was. It was definitely sticky and tough but once it touched the curry, it was perfect because it gave a nice chewy texture.

Talent Thai Kitchen is one of my favorite Thai place to eat at. It's small but the food and service delivers. Something that I will definitely not pass on.

Funny story. First, there was a kid and an adult that came in and said there would be 6 people total so the waiter sat them next to J and I where there were tables free. Somehow the group got larger and we ended up offering a table that was connected to our table. The waiter later came by and gave us another table since the couple on our other side had left. We didn't really need the table because the small table perfectly held everything we had at that moment. Such lovely service, which is why I'm so raving about this restaurant.

Talent Thai Kitchen
210 E 34th St
New York, NY 10016
(212) 725-8888

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