Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boat House

I've been wanting to go to a seafood house for the longest time. Always seeing on television the great spiced seafood from the south gets me salivating each time. And at that moment, it feels like I go to the south to get my fixin' or fly to the west coast for The Boiling Crab. But I don't have to worry about that anymore, because recently Boat House just opened and it serves seafood, Louisiana style.

They have all the prices written on a board right by the door when you walk in. They also have another small menu with other items like fries, wings, and soup on it. Boat House offers 4 types of seasoning to your seafood - Rajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter or The Whole-Shabang and you can also pick your level of spicyness.

The concept with Boat House is the same as The Boiling Crab. You order, they come back out giving you a bib, gloves, a bucket for shells, and a nut cracker. When your seafood are ready, it comes out in a plastic bag and you dig in. Takes a lot of work but if you love seafood, this is quite enjoyable because you get to lick the sauce and spice off your fingers. Yes, I don't bother with the gloves because it's like impossible to peel/break the shells of the seafood with it on.

Cajun Fries.
Definitely could use a bit more spice but it's ok. It's a great side when you're eating the seafood and want a tab bit of a break.

Cajun Wings.
Taste just like regular fried chicken but fresh and crispy. I'm really hoping they amp up their spices with these fried plates.

Canadian Oysters.
Where exactly in Canada, we do not know. But they are so good, not briny or have that seafood smell at all. They're more on the pricey side but a splurge I'm glad I make every time.

Clams in Lemon Pepper Sauce.
I love clams. Actually I love all types of seafood but usually clams would come first because they take the most least effort to eat. It must be the season for these critters because they are so plump and juicy.

Snow Crab Legs in Garlic Butter Sauce.
I was hesistant on ordering this but glad I did. They cooked it perfectly and the labor of getting the meat out of the shells were successful! The meat was also very sweet and fat.

Crawfish in Rajun Cajun Sauce.
Finally, the star of the night. The reason why we come back again and again. It's suppose to be crawfish season now and going to end soon, pretty much the whole Spring season is when it's best to have crawfish. I love when I find roe in my crawfish, sort of get a bit excited. Oh and the corn that was in the crawfish bag totally soaked up the sauce which made it sweet, salty and spicy. Divine!

After 4 pounds of seafood, well 2 pounds for me and 2 pounds for J, we were stuffed. I need to come back before the end of the month so I can pig out on more crawfish. Just thinking about it makes me salivate.

Sodas are refillable which is great. The staff are friendly and tries to accomodate you as best as they can but don't blame them when it starts getting busy.

4807 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 633-5880

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