Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ninja New York

The past weekend was a friend's birthday and she (well her husband) booked a whole section of the place for a party of 24 people. I loved how we dominated the entire area.

My other friend needed to use the restroom so she and I went down into the restaurant first, yes, it's underground. Once out of the elevators, we had to walk thru complete darkness. Well, maybe not completely but it was dark and there were small steps which you have to watch out for. Opening another set of doors will bring you to the restaurant where all the tables and seats are, and to hype it up, they yell "HAI-YA" out of nowhere at no particular time or place.

Before eating, since some people haven't arrived yet, my table started ordering drink... specifically cocktails. We literally tried all the cocktails that were on their menu, they probably loved us.






All of them looked so pretty but I did have two favorites, the Rin and the Zai. Rin was more on the girly side, citrus-y fruity while the Zai was more refreshing and masculine. 
Because we had such a large party, everyone had to order from their prix fixe menu. J and I shared the Hanzou which consist of the following --

Batto Jutsu
A plate of duck pate and rock shrimp in yuzu sauce with a light vinaigrette salad. I loved the shrimp, I wish I wasn't sharing this... The duck pate would've worked great with some toast.

Hot Artichoke Dip
Another favorite of mine. More on the cheesy side but it's so good. You get bits and chunks of artichoke. Here, I wish they gave more bread.

Kataplana Hot Pot
 A pot filled with clams, mussels, seasonal fish and some potato in a Portuguese style broth. Again, bread please!

Angus Ribeye Steak
Cooked medium rare, just the way J and I like it. There was also a compound of urchin butter slapped right on top along with some fried garlic. The garlic had the texture of potatoes with just a hint of garlic essence. The steak was alright, nothing too phenomenal though.

Chocolate Cake w/ Raspberry Sorbet
Finally, the dessert. Wasn't so thrilled about the sorbet but the chocolate cake, well the middle section was really good. Mousse texture which reminds me of Three Musketeer Chocolate Bar, so nommy.

Since J and I sat at the table with friends, we literally took a bite from others and it also gave me a chance to snap away. Some dishes were presented really nicely but taste otherwise.

Caesar Salad

Creamy Crab Cake

Miso Salmon

Stew in a Stone
Overall, the meal and company was excellent. Would I come back? I'll have to think about it. The food is a hit or miss, it's really all about the experience that you're going to get here. Random ninja's bouncing out of nowhere trying to scare you with retractable knives. It's even better when the waiter aka ninja lend you their knives to scare your friends. Pretty awesome.

Ninja Star Martini
Can't forget about this drink. One of my friends ordered it, pretty sure he was out of it after chugging the last half of the drink before we left. No idea what's in it and shame on us for not asking. The description says "Mysterious Black Potion," I caught me off guard that it actually was served... black. But, it tasted good. Do you dare to try it?

Ninja New York
25 Hudson St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 274-8500

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