Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mermaid Inn - 2nd Ave

Having ate at the Mermaid Inn on MacDougal Street, it was time J and I headed to the east side and pay a visit to the other Mermaid Inn. Hoping we would be able to get a seat outside, but was quickly disappointed when we saw all the seats are taken. We were lead into a backroom which is pretty large and carry on our dinner.

Dark and Stormier

Rose Wine
Mermaid Inn's menu isn't big but it pretty troubling when you have an array of seafood choices place in front of you and you have to choose. We ordered a ginormous appetizer and just shared an entree together, simple. I'm so glad we weren't in our greedy mode.

Butter and cracker to start. There's actually really little butter in that holder.

Grand Platter.
Variety of oysters, clams, shrimp cockatil, chilled lobster and tuna crudo (which should've just been named tuna ceviche). The clams were really plump and full of meat, must be the season. The tuna crudo was also nice, like I said, it should've been named ceviche because there was lime juice in the mix. Crudo usually consist of sea salt and olive oil when it comes to mind.

Lobster Knuckle "Escargot".
As ever, J and I got suckered into this dish because of the word escargot. Quite a disappointing dish.

Blackened Catfish.
Deliciously seared catfish with hush puppies, collard greens and crawfish butter sauce. Amazing dish done right.

Mac and Cheese.
Definitely feeling for some mac and cheese. Ever since I had my first, I can't stop eating them. Maybe it was the cafeteria/public school ones that was so off-putting.

Chocolate Mousse - on the house.
I remember the fortune teller fish. This time mine actually flew off my hand, so I have no idea what they means. They have an indicator on the back of the fortune teller slip.

Nothing better than free dessert. Not the best but beggars can't be choosers.

Mermaid Inn
96 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-5870

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