Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kowloon Cafe

It was a nice Saturday morning, J and I didn't want to head out to the city so we stayed in Brooklyn to find a spot to eat. It was around 1pm when we met up and decided to head to Kowloon Cafe. A Hong Kong based cafe, I love these kind of places. The staff spoke in Cantonese and the service was quick. I've never been here before but J had eaten here a couple of times already.

We got seated immediately but it took us a while to decide on what to eat since they have a ton of dishes on their menu. As usual, we ordered way too much. I guess we're back on the greedy track.

Grass Jelly w/ Soy Milk
I think J started to slowly like this when I ordered it back then. He's been bringing up this drink a lot lately and finally he gets his fix! They serve it really sweet here, and I was so glad that they put a lot of crushed ice into it... the ice eventually melted and mellowed out the sweetness of the soy milk.

Salt and Pepper Duck Gizzard
If you haven't noticed, J and I love gizzards. It's been a while since I've had duck gizzard, chicken gizzard are more assessible than duck. Nonetheless, the dish was good. A bit on the salty side but I can live with it cause I heart gizzards. Duck gizzards are just a bit larger in size but the texture are similar to chicken's, just as gamey and chewy.

Curry Fish Balls
Ever since we ordered the curry fish balls from Hong Kong Station in Chinatown, we are addicted. Not knowing how it would taste at Kowloon, we took the risk and ordered it. It was definitely different than HK Station because at Kowloon they actually use the curry powder which yields that curry flavor. At HK Station, they use crushed chilis, oil, and pepper as the curry sauce. I still love both styles.

Kowloon French Toast
I was never a big fan of HK style's toast but J loves it, must be a Hong Kong thing. This one in particular had a bit of a surprise in the middle for us. There was a thin layer, sufficient enough so you can actually taste it, of red bean paste. What a pleasant surprise! The entire toast was actually pretty good *claps*

Amoy Style Fried Vermicelli
Don't know why they didn't just call it rice noodles. When I'm in the mood for a light stir-fried noodle, rice noodle will be the choice. They have a lot less oil than any other noodle dishes and plus, the Amoy style has a lot of ingredients. Anything from ham, egg, onions, sour cabbage, peppers, shrimp... at the list goes on and on.
Curry Beef Stew w/ Rice
This is where we realized that we ordered more than we can consume. J was like, we should've sticked with the noodles. Haha! But hey, the rice dish was really good, like gooood. The beef was tender and soft, sauce was perfect, even the rice was good.

I definitely enjoy this meal. Then again, I think I just really like Cantonese food in general. A place that is worthy of return.

Kowloon Cafe
2365 86th St
Brooklyn, NY 11214
(718) 333-1388

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  1. I live very close to Kowloon Cafe and the food here are true to the Cantonese roots. Next time you return, you should try their: noodles with mix sauce (rice noodle rolls with hoisin sauce & peanut sauce). It's sweet and peanut buttery at the same time. The grass jelly with soy milk is one of my personal favorites. Glad you enjoyed your meal!