Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yummy Noodles

After seeing Big Apple Nosh go to Yummy Noodles, I knew I had to visit it again. J and I ate at this place a couple of years ago and it wasn't really anything memorable. The restaurant looked shabby and was quite broken down. Located at the far end of an alley-way, it can be quite deceiving.

I was glad that we decided to come back because the experience the second time around truly changed. Seated promptly and right by the window of where the clay pot rice was made, was pretty neat. J and I ordered three items off the menu, the first two were a must because that was the reason why we came and the third was just a why-not-let's-just-get-it-anyway type of dish.

Dan Dan Noodles
First time trying Dan Dan Noodles and I love it. The noodles were springy with a bite to it which is so fun to eat. The minced meat sauce flavored the broth nicely. It was a simple bowl of noodles but the idea of perfecting the noodles and the taste of the broth is so not simple.

House Special Chinese Sausage and Minced Pork Rice Casserole
It's been so long since I've had clay pot rice, my mom attempt to make it at home and it just wasn't the same. I wanted that crust when we reach the bottom of the pot, and I wanted the pot! I was happy that this choice of clay pot consist of chinese sausage, preserved duck, minced meat and a fried egg. Boy, was I in happyland. I also love pouring soy sauce over this, J tried to stop me from saltness overload... oops?

Silver Fish with salt and pepper
I never thought of ordering silver fish or tiny white fish (as some may call it). This dish is usually ordered when I"m eating out with my family which consist of 8+ people. But for some reason, I wanted it. Freshly fried and they were so plumped!

When we near the end of our meal we realized that we should've ordered a vegetable dish. Something that would help us in clearing our palate of fried and salty goodness. Definitely keeping that in mind for next time since we will most likely return.

Yummy Noodles reminds me of something that came out from a Hong Kong drama. The feeling and vibe is purely Cantonese and I really like that.

Yummy Noodles
48 Bowery
New York, NY 10013
(212) 374-1327

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