Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soba Totto

J and I love soba, we like the process of eating soba. After finding out that Soba Totto has soba and yakitori, it was a definite place to visit.

We go to Soba Totto early, before they even open. But they do open on time, which is definitely a good thing. After we got seated, greediness started to take over because we almost wanted all the yakitori on the menu. I liked how they have the unique cuts of an animal, unlike some places that just does the generic chicken meats and vegetables.

Started off with sake and pretty much ended with sake also. They have a wide range of different kinds and I absolutely love the pretty karafe that it came in. So fun to pour also. Our waiter was very patient in explaining and describing the different sakes, he also recommended us some also. Now, that's good service.

Agedashi Tofu
I've never tried Agedashi Tofu before and I'm so glad that I chose Soba Totto to be my first place because it tasted so good. Very refreshing and silky. There were also 4 pieces of tofu, yay! I always thought it usually come in pairs...

(L-R) chicken oyster, fatty salmon, 2 cow tongue
Alright, so I hate it when my boyfriend is always right when it comes to food. Why does he always choose the best thing on the menu??? The Chicken Oysters were so amazing, the piece right near the thigh of the chicken. Lord, it was heaven... plus the skin that was still attach to the oyster, no words can explain the awesomeness. The Fatty Salmon wasn't so fatty but it was grilled to perfection. The Cow Tongue was great also. J and I love strange cuts on an animal and tongue is surely one of them.

chicken skin
Crunchy goodness. Loved the charred parts 'cause it gives it that slight flavor and crisp.

chicken gizzards
One of my personal favorite cuts on a chicken. Chicken gizzard is hard to cook, but if done correctly the initial bite would be crunchy and the interior starts to taste like chicken heart (if you ever taste that before), the texture is quite addicting.

pork horumon
Horumon considers to be the part of a pig that people would just throw away because most people wouldn't eat it - according to the Japanese. But they were the ones who thought to make horumon so delicious also. It has a bit of a chew to it but doesn't chewing gum have a chew also? No harm there.

fatty tuna
I don't know why but this fatty tuna is so off-putting. It looks kind of creepy, like it came out of the horror movie or something. The color and shape just looks uber scary. Good thing I didn't order this, for once J ordered something icky! Tasted like regular tuna but it just looks blegh!

quail egg with yakitori sauce
I was craving for eggs and what's better than mini eggs? I usually don't order quail eggs because I know I can get them in a dozen at an Asian supermarket for a lot less but I was feeling not me that night... haha

(Top-Bottom) chicken liver, 2 chicken hearts
Chicken Liver was decent, nothing special there. Although I do have to say that some people can't handle the liver because there's a texture issue there. Depending on how long its cooked, it can be soft and mushy or hard and grainy. Chicken Hearts are the bomb! Sad how they only give 3 on a skewer but they were just so juicy and tender.

Mori Soba
Kamo Shio Soba (duck dipping broth)
I had the simple Mori Soba. I like the soy sauce with scallions and wasabi dip. At the end of your meal you get an interesting rectangular teapot full of broth and pour it into your soy sauce and that's your soba-yu, a nice soup to end the meal.

I don't remember exactly what the name is for the dessert but it was just fried dough with ice cream and fruits. It was pretty good, but not the best and it would've been perfectly fine if we skipped dessert and just ordered another karafe of sake.

Soba Totto really scored high in my books. Love the different yakitoris and the soba was great also, oh and the service was A+!

Soba Totto
211 E 43rd St
New York, NY 10017
(212) 557-8200

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  1. I agree, it looks so weird, I can't eat things that look icky :p

    But the rest of the food looks pretty good, and the duck dipping sauce for the soba sounds so good!