Monday, March 19, 2012

Drink Up: Teado

I've seen this place all over the Chinese magazines and when I actually looked it up on Yelp, it looked really adorable. I also looked at the menu to see if anything caught my eyes and it sure did.

It was a late night, I decided to pay Teado a visit after my doctor's appointment. Seems about right to treat myself to something sweet since I just got a shot.

The interior was small. One small table that seated 2 people and 3 chairs by the window out-looking the streets. I ordered a Rose Green Milk Tea with Bubbles.

Rose Green Milk Tea w/ Bubbles
The truth is, I ordered it because it was pink. I'm such a sucker for cute pink things... even drinks! It was a mistake since the drink came out not so great. It was a cross between a really bad yakult and honey and lemon. It was quite hard to finish, which I ended up not finishing. I would love to come back to try their regular Bubble Milk Tea. I mean, the decor of the shop is really adorable. Little Mario and Yoshi dolls, it's just pretty. I'm going to cross my fingers for a better experience next time.

145 Hester St
Store D

New York, NY 10002
(212) 226-7687

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