Friday, March 30, 2012


I've seen this restaurant on Yelp for the longest time. J and I finally went there since we drove, taking the public transportation takes a lot of work unless you live around the area. Bangane is on a strip of sidewalk which no other restaurants are in sight. From the outside, it practically looks like a flower shop since it has plants lined up against the windows.

I read that the staffs at Bangane doesn't speak English too well, or even none at all. They either speak Korean or Mandarin, none of both which we speak. You have a choice of whether to eat at the traditional tables where you sit on the floor with cushions for your tush or sit at tables with chairs. We opted for the traditional seating for the full experience.

Bangane has a small menu and the sole purpose of us going there was to get their 3-course goat feast. The 3-course was only $29.99 per order and you have to at least order 2. With all the food that comes with it, it's totally worth it.

Right as we order, less than 5 minutes later the banchan starts rolling out. So many different kinds ranging from kimchi to julienne scallions to eggplant. The waitress also brought over the burner for our first course.

When you look at it, it does seem overwhelming but the process was just so fun to eat.

The mixture of different kinds of sauce. It was absolutely amazing-mazing, worked so well with the goat meat. They also use the same sauce for the 2nd course.

When the first course was served, I was so excited. We saw the waitress bring out a large goat shank and started peeling away the meat to place on our bamboo steamer.

It was insanely massive. She put every last piece of meat on the steamer, minus the fat and veins but yes... every last piece of meat.

I start to dig in right away. There's many way to eat this and it's totally up to you and what you're comfortable with. J and I took the lettuce that came with the banchan and started making wraps with it. I gave up when it comes to dipping my wrap in the sauce because I could barely pick any up, as a result I just start spreading it in the wrap itself. So delicious. The goat meat was so tender and doesn't taste or smell gamey at all.

When we were a bit more than halfway through with the goat meat, the waitress came out with another pot. A pot filled with water, chives, scallions, and that sauce I was talking about. She then dumped the rest of the goat meat into the small pot. We waited silently and slowly for our second course to cook.

While we were waiting, J started taking pieces of meat off the pot... -_-

After a few minutes (it cooked really fast!), the goat stew was ready to chow! Extremely aromatic and warms up the heart.

Finally, the third course was about to be made right in front of us. Using just a bit of the broth from the goat stew, the waitress mixed in rice, radishes, scallions, seaweed, and that sauce again! She cooked it in the same pot where the stew was cooking and combined everything together.

The last course was a light fried rice, but up to that point... we were getting so full. We really couldn't finish it but it was really good. I would love to come back with a group of friends because doing this again with J would be overkill, we need more people to divide and conquer it!

16519 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11358
(718) 762-2799

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