Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pearl Oyster Bar

To celebrate my new job, J wanted to take me to a Japanese offal grill place we once went to back in December. But the place was packed and the next available spot was at 9:30pm. Sorry, I love the place but it wasn't that serious where I have to wait 3 hours. So, I suggested Pearl Oyster Bar. There was something about this place which prompted me to bookmark it on Yelp but I literally drew a blank that day.

The waitress was extremely nice and said there will be a table for us in a couple of minutes. The restaurant looked packed on a Friday night, it was dimly lit but just enough for you to be able to see who was across from you, next to you, and probably a good 5-6 feet ahead of you.

The menu was small but simple. I loved how everything on the menu was seafood related. No chicken, no beef. We got greedy, like we always are, and order 4 different dishes to try. Surprisingly, none were of the lobster roll which is quite well known there.

Combination Cocktail
A cute littler sampler dish. Instead of ordering just raw oysters, J suggested we order the combo since he knows I love my lobster. The combo includes 2 shrimps, 4 pieces of lobster meat, 2 raw clams, and 2 raw oysters. A perfect way to start a meal.

Prince Edward Island Mussels w/ Wine, Mustard, and Cream
The sauce was fab-tastic but the mussels could've been bigger. Is mussel season over already? J ate all the bread and butter, carb freak!

Pan Roasted Sea Scallops
My first time ever ordering sea scallops at a restaurant. I usually eat scallops that were prepared at Asian restaurants so this was a bit exciting for me. I knew that America or non-Asian restaurants don't give a lot of scallops, that was so surprise to me. What I wanted to know was how it was different and how it was cooked. Pearl Oyster can cook up some good scallops, it was just great! I liked how it was placed on a bed of corn and fava beans. The corn was insanely sweet and worked so well with the scallop. I need to get this again!

Pan Roasted Skate Filet
J and I both love Skate ever since we had it at Robataya. When the waitress told J that Skate was on the menu for that night's filet, his ears just perked up. Skate is an amazing tasting fish which not a lot of people know about, they also have a lot of bones so you're in luck when a place debone it and serves just the meat. If you like fish, Skate is nothing different from it at all.

After a satisfying seafood meal, we took a small stroll around the city since it was a beautiful night. Kudos to me for a new job and a great boyfriend.

Pearl Oyster Bar
18 Cornelia St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 691-8211

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