Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Street Eats: PARKED! Food Truck Festival

This past weekend I attended the PARKED! Food Truck Festival that was held at the South Street Seaport with J. Found out from BigAppleNosh that it was literally happening on Saturday, and since it involved food, J and I must be there!

We got there around noon, the place was already packed with people. The sun wasn't giving any mercy either, I think I got a little burnt from waiting on those lines. I mean, I love how convenient it was that majority of the food trucks were there but I so did not love the long lines!

We browsed around a lot and only ordered a couple of things. Good thing there were a handful of trucks we already tried before so it was easy to "move on" to the next one. Overall, it was definitely fun and I was glad I got to spent some time with J.

Photos credit to J.

Kielbasa Hero

Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Bacon

Mandarin Jarrito; Brisket Slider; Short Rib Taco

We also had Dip'n'Dots. I absolutely love this type of ice cream cause it's just so fun to eat. Whenever I see it, and I make sure to have J look out for it also, I would get it. I had to stand in the shade to eat it since it tends to melt fast. Another dessert we had was shaved ice from The Shaved Ice Shop, this was a return visit for us. We had it at Hester Street Fair (which is still happening now!), and loved it. But it was a bit of a disappointment this time since they used a small bowl to hold the ice instead of the cool looking flower looking cup.

I left satisfied and stuffed. There are a couple of places I did try and would definitely want to track down the truck and eat it again.