Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drink Up: Kelvin Natural Slush Co.

Walking down 14 Street, I spotted the Kelvin truck. I've heard they serve some heck of a slush and the weather was perfect for a great slush like that. Although getting it dead hot on a summer day will just make the ice melt faster, which is no bueno for me. Lucky enough, J and I got this at night... absolutely perfect.

Kelvin's slush is quite simple, you get to choose from 3 different types of flavors and get to add-in a fruity puree to give your entire drink a fresh kick. J and I opted for the special of the day - the Arnold Palmer. Iced tea slush and lemonade slush.

Arnold Palmer
Definitely a nice refreshing drink. If you like slushies then this is the truck you need to find. Just the right amount of sweetness in it to quench your thirst in the summer night.

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.
Various locations in NYC.
(646) 200-5083


  1. mmmm! i wonder if we have this in cali! love truck foods!

  2. @Jenny Thay @ JennyThay.blogspot.com I'm sure you do! I've seen so many of the food trucks when watching the travel channel. It's more insane than NYC lol

  3. mmm looks yummy, want to try it too XD

    Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , pretty please? ^^