Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dessert Works: Just Sweet Dessert House

I always love a nice cold dessert in the hot summer heat. I haven't visit this place in a long while ever since last year. Nothing much had changed.

It's an Asian dessert house where you can get your Asian tapioca drinks, cold/warm Asian desserts, and some savory little snacks. After a nice hearty meal, J and I wanted something cold. Just off the area of St. Mark's we remembered that Just Sweet had shaved ice. A dessert that usually cures any hot summer fever.

They had a variety of shaved ice and we opted for the Korean shaved ice which consist of ice, topped with sweetened condensed milk, mochi, red bean, mixed fruit, corn flakes, match powder, and green tea ice cream.

It surprisingly tasted a lot better when all the ice were melted and the difference of texture and flavor started to combine. Call me weird but it sure was good.

Just Sweet Dessert House
83 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 388-1380 


  1. oh man..that looks sooooo good! and i'm saying this right after the gym LOL

  2. yum~~~~i luv shaved ice...but it is so hard to find a decent dessert place in toronto...but it looks good though~~~


  3. @Jenny Thay @ I think anything would look/taste good after a gym haha

  4. @Jessy Oh that's bummer! Actually, we didn't have much in NYC before but it starting sprouting out of nowhere. They might be coming to Toronto soon!