Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekday Lunch: Bamiyan

Met up with J for lunch and he took me to an Afghan restaurant. I've never tried Afghan food before so I was not against it, actually I was a bit excited.

We got to the restaurant around 1:30 and there wasn't much people at all. We decided to sit on the cushioned sofa seats by the window to get the full experience. Note: you have to take off your shoes so if you don't feel comfortable with that then opt for the other tables.

We ended up getting the Special for 2 which consist of salad, bread, appetizer, and two entrees. Surely, we got that deal.

Afghan Salad
Very refreshing salad. It's a yogurt sauce with also a red sauce on top, taste delicious. The yogurt sauce is very much like ranch dressing.

Afghan Bread
I wish I had more! It's so soft and light. I used it to dip the salad dressing.

Sambusa Appetizer
It's very much like Indian samosa. We had the ground beef with chick peas. Very well flavored, the yogurt sauce was light and gave the Sambusa a moist surrounding.

Lowand Chalow

Chicken in a dill and tarragon sauce and a full plate of white basmati rice. I love the rice, so light and fluffy - pillow-y fluffy! I can eat this rice all day. The chicken in dill and tarragon is amazing also. It might look like curry but has absolutely no curry flavor at all. The chicken was moist on the outside but once you bite into it, it's pretty dry. I would've been happy with just the sauce.

Morgh Kabob
A really light dish. Cubes of chicken breast grilled with basmati rice. I seriously love this rice. Anyways, the chicken here is a bit bland but if you mix this chicken with the tarragon and dill sauce, it is truly perfect. By the way, I actually really like the onions with dishes like this... weird.

Overall, lovely restaurant that makes great food. Never thought Afghan food was this tasty and enjoyable. I'm definitely coming back!

358 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10016
(212) 481-3232


  1. Yum! I've only been to one Afghan place in the city (in the East Village) - I'll have to try this one out :)

  2. I've never had Afghan food before, but it's definitely going on my list of "must try foods before I die" Lol
    It may sound weird, but I hope to try every type of food out there in this world at least once. Every type as in, event he crazy weird stuff, not just different ethnic foods ;) haha


  3. @BigAppleNosh What's the one in the East Village? I would love to try that one out!

  4. @Dana Yoshimizu I had the same idea lol I love food and trying everything out at least once would be a great experience! Btw, you should watch Bizarre Food and No Reservations, they will make you drool 100x over lol

  5. You should try Ethiopian! I've been wanting to try that for the longest time. Beat me to it and let me know what you think of it. ;)

  6. @Mz. Mei Ethiopian eh? I've seen that before on Yelp. Also saw episodes on Bizarre Food that made me think twice about it but will try sometime soon.